Our team is a diverse group of master spirit workers whose modalities cross a wide variety of spiritual disciplines. Their specialties range from astrology, tarot, channeling and mediumship to feng shui, past life regression, lots, angel cards, animal communication and more.

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Masaoa // Sun 12-7

Jessica Zavala / / Wed 5-7 Fri 12-7

Yahya / / Mon Thurs Sat 12-7

Dennis Rudolph // Tues 12-7

Toni Scalera // Wed 12-7

Rebecca Booth // By Appointment

Desiree Natasha // Sat 12-7 Sun Mon By Appointment

All readings $2 / Minute

Psychics, readers and healers are not licensed doctors, attorneys, financial advisors, accountants or therapists. They work in the spiritual dimension, advising on and/or healing spiritual matters. If a reading or healing service touches upon health, finance, legal or other crucial life issues, you should seek the advice of a licensed and/or certified professional.
INDIGO Alliance is not responsible for the content of readings and healings performed by its practitioners.
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